Hello there! So what's with the Arabic symbol on my blog? The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has been using this symbol, the Arabic letter Nun, to mark the homes of Nasrani ("Nazarenes"; Christians), singling out Christian households for abuse, exile, and execution. It is meant as a mark of fear and shame. But just as we transformed an instrument of torture and oppression against people into our most recognized symbol, Christian brothers and sisters around the world, as well as brave Muslim neighbors, are willingly taking it up in solidarity with Arab Christians. I will stand marked with my siblings. I am N.

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The world which shook at my feet, and the trees, and the sky…

*scratches the back of her neck*

So that line in Deep Breath made me want to draw a simple Gallifreyan landscape. I’m kind of proud of that tree.

I wanted to put a figure in there, but I am a chronic gesture sketcher and couldn’t quite get the hang of it this time. If anyone wants to take a crack at it, go ahead!


Alpaca- Hexham, England, United Kingdom by stopherjones

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k-she-rambles said: …try the scene where they threaten the little sister. I seem to remember us talking about it at length last year.


Am I supposed to write something about this, or am I just supposed to be prepared for discussion? My brain seems to be eating itself, and I can’t remember. 

Nah, just note the differences —it might be a question on the quiz. I didn’t find the quizzes complicated —just nitpicky. In general he’ll ask questions like “what’s this random character’s name?”. He does most of the talking in the class…

…Marcus Aurelius

…if there’s a reference to Socrates in the next episode then I am so, so calling it: the Master’s coming back.

Theory: Danny Pink is already a time traveller/has time traveled, and was involved in the same conflict as Journey Blue and Kai.

Right, okay, so we can have a Dalek wizard now?

Danny is a dork and I like him already.




An Amber Alert was just issued for the abduction of the baby above, Delano Wilson. He was abducted at noon today(8/27) and is assumed to be with a White manm 25-30 years old, 5’6”-5’9”, meduim build, short brown hair with a Hispanic female, 25-30 years old, thin build, Long brown hair. They are assumed to be in a Blue Ford Tarus, older model 2000-2003 4 door.

Please spread the word so he can come home to his family. He was abducted around an  ALLEY OF THE 1400 BLOCK OF HENRY STREET in INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA.


If you know any information call 1-888-58AMBER

Full information can be found here


Further information from news reports: The father, who was pistol whipped  during the robbery/abduction, got the impression that the woman abductor was reluctant about the whole thing, especially taking the baby. He caught a glimpse of her holding little Delano protectively as the two abductors drove away. If you see her, be kind to her and encourage her to turn herself in. Delano’s mother especially is beside herself with worry.

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579. A muggleborn brings a sonic screwdriver to Hogwarts and gets all the purebloods hooked on Doctor Who. Eventually, one of the seventh years enchants the sonic for the muggleborn so that it actually works as a thank you present.

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So during a conversation with my brother he described TFP!Starscream as looking perpetually like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and I was struck by the perfection of that description.